[1-6100-PD-DFA] 6100 with feedback actuator, no airflow sensor

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<p>BACnet MS/TP (or optional legacy ASI protocol) airflow controller with Direct Feedback Actuator that enables damper position feedback to controller. BACnet BTL B-ASC certified. Pressure-dependent (no airflow sensor), includes pre-programmed control sequences for common VAV, VVT and other applications.</p>

Datasheet (PDF)

BTL B-ASC certified unitary controller for pressure-dependent airflow applications. ABS enclosure features an integrated Direct Feedback Actuator (DFA) enables damper position feedback to controller. This unit features pre-programmed control sequences for VAV, VVT and other common applications. For an Ethernet capable fully programmable 3-series controller search for part number 3-6115
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